mon_xiao_mei (mon_xiao_mei) wrote in atkins_daily,

Food/Exercise Journal

I fell asleep at 7pm last night so this is, of course, backdated. I stayed up until almost 3am Wednesday morning in order to finish writing the last chapter of Denial and my sleep schedule has been thrown off ever since. Have I learned my lesson?

Probably not since I've noticed that my most productive writing hours seem to be between 9pm and 2am. What can I say? I'm a nightowl.

I fell asleep at 7pm last night so this is, of cours, backdated.

1 mozzerella string cheese

1 oz (about 40) peanuts

1 can tuna with mayo and mustard
1 stalk celery

2 eggs
2 sausages (I checked the ingredients and there aren't any nitrates in this sausage so it's all good. *^-^* )
12 oz Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

SInce I fell asleep, there was no exercise. Damn, I'm getting lazy again.

(I REALLY need to go to the store but I am so broke its not even funny. Plus, I think a check's going to bounce if it comes through before Wednesday morning (but I needed bus tickets!) I forgot to write it down in my check ledger and if it does bounce I am so totally screwed!
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